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How to Add Agents to Your Help Desk Account


Help Desk Agents are the users who are responsible for handling tickets. Their work includes responding to customers, closing tickets, changing ticket details, moving tickets from one category to another, adding tags, etc. Simply put, an agent is a person who works with customer requests.

Here's how the agents will appear in your dashboard:


Follow these steps to learn how to add an agent in Help Desk:


Step 1: Navigate to Settings-----> Users



Step 2: Click the " + New User" button. 



Step 3: You will be re-directed to the 'Add a New User' form. Enter the details of the new user.



Name: Enter the name of the agent.


Email: Enter the email of the agent.


Phone: Enter the phone number of the agent.

Teams: Designate the team that the agent will be a part of.

Role: Assign a role to the agent. There are three roles an agent can have. He can either be Staff, Manager or Admin. Each role is unique and provides selective access to certain features.


Signature: Enter the agent signature here. The signature entered here would automatically be inserted at the end of each email that the agent sends.

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