Agent Roles & Responsibilities


With ProProfs Help Desk, you can assign agents various roles. These roles permit various levels of access to the help desk. These roles are given during creating an agent but they can be changed whenever you want. Each role has its own unique features and all roles have certain common features.


ProProfs Help Desk provides four different roles for agents:


Super Admin: The account that originally signs up for Help Desk is known as the super admin. Super admin has access to everything in the Help Desk Account.


A super admin can:

  • Create agents with admins, managers, and staff roles.
  • Use all the features of the inboxes.
  • Can manipulate custom fields, canned responses, teams, filters, etc.
  • Can view all reports that are generated (includes all summary, rating, custom fields, and agents).
  • Can provide selective permission(access to particular inboxes) to the admins.


Note: There can be only one super admin for one Help Desk account


Admin: Admins can be added by super admins and also by other admins. Admins have the same privileges and roles as the super admins. There are a few subtle differences between the super admins and admins.


The difference between an admin and super admin is as follows:

  • An admin can be removed by the super admin and the other admins. A super admin cannot be removed.
  • An admin has access only to the reports of the inboxes and agents under them. Although an admin can change which inboxes they have access to by going to Settings----> Users.


Manager: A manager is an agent who can manipulate the inboxes they have access to. A manager cannot see the Settings menu or make changes to inboxes they don't have access to.


The managers have some exclusive rights that they share with the admins:

  • Managers can manipulate entire inboxes as they please. They can put labels on multiple labels, filters, and use custom fields on multiple tickets at the same time. This feature sets them apart from agents.
  • They can monitor their team reports and use them to analyze their team & agent performance.
  • They can assign their agents tickets as they please.

Staff: Staff involves the agents that exclusively work on the tickets. The staff has limited access to the helpdesk. The agents with staff access can do the following:

  • They can work on the tickets assigned to them.
  • They can assign tickets to their team members, set labels to individual tickets, and see their own performance reports.
  • Staff members can view only the inboxes they have access to.





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