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How to Add Child Tickets to a Ticket


Child tickets are smaller sub-tickets added to the parent ticket. They are used to divide a ticket into a group of tickets, each of which can then be worked on by a different agent/team. This ensures that various aspects of a customer issue can be worked on at the same time.

Benefits of Child Tickets:

  • Reduces ticket response time substantially
  • Organizes a large task into a group of smaller efficient tasks
  • Gives each agent more visibility and accountability
  • Ensures better support to the customer


Imagine a marketing firm that receives a request for a new marketing strategy for an upcoming product from a customer. The various tasks that the firm must do include market research, background checks, legal verifications. A new parent ticket is then created and all the required tasks are divided among various teams/agents with the help of a child ticket. All teams then complete their part of the job.


Enabling Child Ticket Feature

Child Tickets must first be enabled by the administrator account. Follow the instructions below for enabling child tickets.

Navigate to Settings--------> General and enable Child Ticket. Then, click on Save.



Add a Child Ticket

Step 1: To add a child ticket to a ticket(referred to as parent ticket), open the parent ticket and click the icon for More options from the header menu.


Step 2: Click Create Child Ticket.



Step 3: The child ticket dashboard will slide open. Customize details of the child ticket and click Create.



Confirmation Message

The below image depicts the confirmation message with an option to view child tickets.







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