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How to Set up and Configure Your Help Desk Inbox


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Help Desk inboxes are designed to help you configure your existing customer-facing emails (like support, sales, etc.) to convert every incoming support request into a ticket. You can also configure a new email address to provide your customers for their feedback and queries. Help Desk helps in keeping all customer requests in one place, so you never miss out on a ticket.


Benefits of a Help Desk Inbox:

  • Keeps customer requests, feedback, and queries in one place.
  • It makes customer support easier and more efficient.
  • Allows you to track operator data to determine their proficiency at handling tickets


For example, Adobe providing customer support for its software would require a dedicated support inbox and numerous operators working on that inbox.


The following steps will show you how to set up and configure your inbox:


Step 1: Navigate to Settings -----> Inboxes.  Click + New Inbox



Step 2: You have two ways to import tickets while creating a new inbox. You can either 'Connect External Email' or 'Create new ProProfs Email'.


a) Connect External Email


This method of importing tickets is suited for using helpdesk when there is already a dedicated email address for customer-facing emails. It streamlines your process and ensures that no ticket is lost and all of them are retrieved in the inbox.

  • In the first text box, enter the existing customer-facing email you want to forward from. This is the email ID that the customer sees when you respond to their ticket.


  • In the second text box, enter the name that the customer will see. For e.g. For a Customer Support inbox, you can simply use the name 'Support.'


  • Once you have entered the existing email ID, an auto-generated email ID will appear in the third text box. Copy it and enable automatic forwarding to this ID in the customer-facing email. Once this is done, your emails would be directly forwarded to your new inbox and turned into tickets.


Note:  If your email ID asks for verification while activating forwarding, such a verification email will appear in the Tickets section of HelpDesk.
  • Next, Assign the teams that will deal with the new inbox. Once done, click on 'Save'.


b) Create new ProProfs Email


When you select this option, you can create an email address of your choice depending upon the availability of the address. Creating an email address is suited if this is the first time an inbox is being created for customer-facing emails.

Enter the name that the customers will see and create a custom email ID. The custom email ID will be used for further communication with your customer. Next, assign the inbox to its designated team and click 'Save'.






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