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How to Create Canned Responses


Reply to the same customer questions with canned responses and save valuable time and effort. Save answers to common questions to shorten your response time and save keystrokes on repetitive typing. With canned responses, you type it once, save it and reuse it in tickets whenever you need. 


Canned responses are predefined messages displayed to the agents with the intent of answering repeated questions consistently. It helps the agents provide swift assistance to the customers, agents can search for particular canned responses through the search box.


Here's how canned responses appear to the agent:


Here's how you can create canned responses in Help Desk:


Step 1: Navigate to Settings-----> Canned responses.



Step 2: Locate and click New Canned Response button.


Step 3: Enter the canned response title. This title will be shown when you select a canned response for a user ticket. From the Inboxes drop-down menu, select the inbox that will use this response and add the canned response text in the Message text box. Once done, click "Save" to add and activate the canned response.


Add Canned Responses to a Ticket

You can add canned responses to a ticket by clicking the Canned Responses icon.

Reordering Canned Responses


If you feel that certain canned responses are more important than the others, you can change their order of appearance for all agents.

Here's how you can reorder your canned responses:

Step 1: Navigate to Settings----> Canned Responses.

Step 2: Hover your mouse over to the canned response whose order you want to change. Drag and drop it to its desired position.




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