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How to Create and Manage Teams


You can create and manage teams in your Help Desk account. These are made up of agents who can be classified into the roles of Staff, Managers, and Admins. Teams in Help Desk are easy to make and are effective at organizing your agents. An agent can be in multiple teams.


Benefits of creating Teams:

  • Agents with similar roles can be put in one team for effective management
  • Teams improve delivery performance and decrease response time
  • Teams make it easier to assign child tickets and break down complicated customer requests


Imagine a marketing firm that receives a request for a new marketing strategy for an upcoming product from a customer.
The various tasks that the firm must do include market research, background checks, legal verifications.

Creating dedicated teams and assigning the task's verticals would ensure that the request is tackled quickly and efficiently with each team holding accountability for its own.


Here's how you can create teams:


Step 1: Navigate to Settings-----> Teams.



Step 2: Click the + New Team button.



Step 3: Fill out the details in the pop-up window and press Continue.



How to Customize Your Customer Support System


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