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Custom Fields

Custom fields are used to enter metadata about a ticket. They enable you to add more details about a ticket to speed up the ticket resolving process. ProProfs HelpDesk allows you to create various types of custom fields based on your needs.


For example, you can create a custom field about software bugs and your team can use the custom fields to specify the type of bug even before the ticket is assigned to a member.



The following topics will be discussed in this article:


Types of Custom Fields

There are seven types of custom fields that can be created in ProProfs HelpDesk.



  • Dropdown: This is used to create a dropdown menu.
  • Text: This is used to add a single line of text information on a ticket.
  • Multi-Line: This is used to add multiple lines of text information on a ticket. 
  • Checkbox: This is used to create a checkbox menu for tickets.
  • Numeric: Used to enter a relevant numeric value for a ticket. For example, Estimated Price of a Product.
  • Decimal: Used to enter a relevant decimal value for a ticket.
  • Date: Used to enter the date.


How to Create Custom Fields


Step 1: Go to Settings---->Custom Fields.




Step 2: Click on +New Field and select the type of custom field you want to create.



(i)  Enter the Label Name. 



(ii) For Dropdown and CheckBox, you also need to enter Field Values. These act as the multiple options that can be selected.



Step 3: If the field is required for every ticket, check the Required field box. Once done, click on Create.


How to Use Custom Fields


To use a custom field, follow the steps given below:


Step 1: Click on More and select the Custom Fields option.



Step 2: In the side menu that appears, fill the fields you want to and click on Save.



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