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How to Customize Agent Availability Settings


Agent availability settings allow you to calculate the first response time of your staff and your organization. With ProProfs HelpDesk, you can customize agent availability settings. These settings determine when your agents are active on the helpdesk.


Benefits of Customizable Agent Availability:

  • Helps you set up a more accurate SLA based on the first response time.
  • Allows you to set up work hours and holidays so that your first response times are more accurately determined.
  • You can send timely responses to customers which aid in satisfaction and a better helpdesk experience.


You can customize Agent Availability by navigating to Availability under the Settings tab.



How To Set Up Your Business Hours


Under the Business Hours tab, you can set up the working hours of your agents. Choose the 24 Hours * 7 Days option, if your helpdesk is active 24*7. To set up particular business hours, select the 'Select working days/hours' option.



You can set the day and time when your agents will be available. To set the days on which your agents are online, just select the checkbox. The timings can be set with the drop-down menus.



If your agents work in different shifts on the same day, you can set up multiple shift timings with the Add Shift option.



How to Set Up A Holiday List


Sometimes, agents won't be available due to a holiday. To ensure correct response times are displayed, you can neglect holiday days by adding a list of holidays. Go to Holiday List tab under the Availability section.



Follow these steps to add Holidays.


Step 1: Enter the duration of the holiday.



Step 2: Enter the Holiday name and select Add Holiday.



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