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How to Bookmark A Ticket


With ProProfs HelpDesk, you can now bookmark tickets. Bookmarking a ticket serves a simple purpose. Some tickets are more important than others because they contribute insight into a product or feature. The Bookmarks feature allows you to these filter important tickets in one click.


The bookmarked tickets can be seen in the bookmarks column shown below.



A ticket that has been bookmarked can also be seen in a normal inbox. What bookmarking does is that it creates a copy that is reflected in both the main inbox and the bookmarks inbox. The tickets in the bookmarks inbox can further be further organized similarly to the main inbox.


Here's how you can bookmark a ticket:


To bookmark a Ticket, go to your Inbox and click on the star icon next to a ticket.


This Is How a Ticketing System Works


Video About: This Is How a Ticketing System Works






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