Introduction to the Support Agent Interface



The support agent dashboard is visible in the below image. The options in the header menu are available only when at least one ticket is selected.


The vertical menu on the left allows access to tickets under various categories. The agents can view all tickets along with the tickets assigned to them.


In addition to AllMy Tickets, and Child Tickets the dashboard also provides access to all tickets assigned to the agent's team. In the image below, the agent is a member of the support, bug support, company support, and tech support teams so these inboxes are viewable. The More section lets you view bookmarked tickets. In addition, the Vault automatically stores deleted tickets.


Under a ticket inbox, you can view the following tickets:

  • New: These are fresh and unassigned tickets.
  • Open: These are tickets that are being worked on by the agents
  • Pending: Tickets that are awaiting customer reply.
  • Hold: Tickets that have been assigned to agents/teams and are awaiting an internal reply.
  • Overdue: Tickets that are past their configured SLA period.


Support Agent Dashboard



Agents who are not administrators can access their own reports. This allows the agents to gauge their own performance and learn to concentrate on their weak areas. The image below depicts the summary report for the agent. Along with the summary, report agents can access all of their other reports under the same section. 


Agent Performance Report



The below image depicts the ticket interface which agents use to reply to the customer with ease. Enter the response text in the field provided and hit send. Agents can send responses as Send as Closed and Send as Open, along with the option Save as Canned Response to save the message for future use for other tickets.


Support Ticket View



Agents can access and edit their Profile in the My Account section. Manage actions like updating passwordname, and profile picture


Agent Profile

How to Customize Your Customer Support System





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