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How to Integrate ProProfs Knowledge Base With Help Desk


ProProfs HelpDesk supports integration with ProProfs KnowledgeBase. This integration allows you to access relevant articles from your website's knowledge base and recommend them to the user. This feature helps in reducing ticket response time and provides self-help for the user.


Once the integration is complete, the articles will be available at hand for instant selection. The following icon will be used to access knowledge base articles.



The following steps will show you how you can integrate ProProfs Knowledgebase:


Step 1: In your HelpDesk account, go to Settings------>Integration.



Step 2: Enable ProProfs KnowledgeBase. Then, enter the URL of the KnowledgeBase and click on Select Articles.



Step 3: Select the help articles you want to add and click on Save.  The articles you have selected act as default articles which can be seen when you click the knowledge base icon.



Note: You can edit which articles to include as default with the Select Articles option whenever the need arises.


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