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How to Access and Manage Reports

Reports display a series of graphs and bundles of numerical data, giving you an overview of your online Help Desk. This data is intended to help you optimize customer support strategy and improve its efficiency. 


Here's how you can access reports:


(i) Summary:  Navigate to "Reports" ------> "Summary." 



Reports Summary allows access to data that enables you to assess questions like "Are we getting busier with more tickets?" "How many tickets are we replying to?" "Are customers rating their experience?" 

The below screenshot depicts data titled "How are we performing?" You can view data for a specific time-period, a particular team, and user.


The "Summary Report" is graphical data aimed to provide valuable insights to help you device customer support strategy. You can view the graphical representation of data in 'Dailly,' 'Weekly' or 'Monthly' format. 


(ii) Rating:

To access rating reports, click "Rating" in the vertical menu.

Rating provides data for specific questions like "Is our support rating improving over time?" "Are visitors happy with our support team?" "What were my recently rated tickets?"

The image below depicts the graphical representation of data for 'Support rating over time,' you can view data in different time formats.


Rating reports allow access to all the rated tickets, so you can analyze your customer support. Click 'View' button to access a particular ticket. 


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