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How to Organize Tickets and Agents

Organizing Tickets:

Tickets can be organized in various ways. Organizing tickets can help agents differentiate between various kinds of tickets.


Tickets can be organized by all agents, managers, and admins. The menu becomes active once a ticket is selected. Any modification in the status/organization of ticket is stored in the user logs for future tracking. For Example, if an agent changes ticket priority to 'High' this change will be logged for later.


Tickets can be organized in the following ways:


The default view in your dashboard provides access to all tickets, the tools in the header menu become active when at least one ticket is selected.



Priority:  Prioritize the selected tickets as 'High,' 'Low,' or 'Normal' based on their importance. The default priority for any ticket is set to 'Normal.' Setting the priority to 'High' places a red marker on the ticket.



Labels: Assign labels to tickets. Labels can be used to separate important tickets. Select from the list of existing ones or click "Create New" to make a new label.



Status:  For a ticket that is unassigned, the status can be changed to "Open" or "Close."



Team:  To assign a general ticket to a particular team,  click the "Team" drop-down menu icon and select a team from the list.



Tickets can be deleted by pressing the Delete icon.



Organizing Agents


An agent is organized into a team and a role while their profile is created. An existing agent can be organized into a different team and role by following the steps given below. 


Step 1: Navigate to Settings ----> Users.  



Step 2: You can search for a particular user using the search box. To edit a user profile and change his team or role, click the icon for More options and select Edit. Similarly, you can mark a user Inactive.


How to Manage Your Customer Support Tickets


Video About: How to Manage Your Customer Support Tickets





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